FOX68 is Eco-Friendly

Global warming has been talked about for a long time now! Although WALLE and EVA make a cute couple, do we really want to end up like them with a world looking like this? ->
Being eco-friendly is our responsibilty.

This complex issue has many opinions, however, one thing is certain – we need to cut down on our gas emmisions and our waste. It is a myth that only huge coroporations are responsible for eco-friendly materials. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE AND WE ALL NEED TO HELP!

That is why at FOX68 our goal is to help the environment as best as we can! We strive to prevent pollution, maintaining our local environment in a clean and safe manner and encourage our suppliers to do likewise. We ensure that any emissions or waste generated by our site comply with regulatory requirements. Where possible our on-site waste is sorted for recycling purposes. We are working everyday trying to come up with ways that we can help earth. We are reducing our waste or changing it to be degradable or recycleble!

All of our packaging is 100% recycleble or degradable! Just check the bottom of the packaging! Even if you receive a plastic bag from us! Just lookout for the symbol at the bottom of the bag to check what to do with it next!

We have an obligation to save our beautiful world…

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