Blue Masking Painters Tape-Solvent Free 38mm x 50m


Professional Painting Tape specially prepared for long stay on the surface. Easily removes from the base, no damage or leaving no traces of glue. It is the best choice for both the professional and the individual user. It is resistant to light and UV rays, it works perfectly both inside and outside, it ensures clean painting lines. Specially developed formula of the adhesive prevents paint from leaking and the tape does not stick. The tape leaves no traces of glue. It can stay on the surface for up to 30 days. It is environmentally friendly – the adhesive does not contain solvents.

It sticks very well to various types of surfaces
It doesn’t leak
It does not fall
Does not leave traces of glue
It may remain on surfaces for up to 30 days
Resistant to UV radiation
Easily removable
For indoor and outdoor use
Blue color

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Blue Dolphin


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