Roto Blackout Blind V56


Blackout roller blind
Interior accessories

Protection from brightness thanks to effective blackout*

no light incidence and almost complete blackout* due to coated fabric and precisely fitting guide rails
steplessly adjustable – holds in any desired position
more comfort, more living quality – ideally suited when the darkening of the room has top priority
recommended for bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms and guest rooms
convenient manual operation
for effective heat protection we recommend the combination with the Roto exterior equipment
easy and quick instalation thanks to “easy-fit” system

* Not 100 percent darkening in the physical sense

Example of how the blind works:


Product Card:



054W x 078H, 054W x 098H, 054W x 118H, 065W x 98H, 065W x 118H, 065W x 140H, 074W x 098H, 074W x 118H, 074W x 140H, 074W x 160H, 094W x 118H, 094W x 140H, 114W x 118H, 114W x 140H, 114W x 160H, 134W x 140H, 114W x 098H


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