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FOX68 is a family run business in Coventry. We have launched our store based on previous experience in the building industry.
As an ex-building company, building anything from laying foundations to building the roof, we have found out, that there aren’t too many options in the UK on good and reasonably priced materials.
As a result of this, we have partnered up with many companies of Polish origin to deliver those amazing products right to you!

At the beginning of this year we have invested in our very own paint and plaster mixing station. This means that you can choose from 70 colours for your plaster and from over 900 colours for your paint!

On top of all that, as we are an ex-building company, we have our very own expert in the field who can offer the best advice possible to our customers. We can help choose the best solution and materials for project.
FOX68 also offers training in certain products that we sell!

At FOX68 we take our job very seriously and only sell the products that in our opinion are the best.
We are so committed we even test most of our products ourselves, in our own homes, so that when we recommend something, we really mean it!

We are continuing our expansion! ?We are on Amazon! We recently opened up this website, and Facebook Shop!

Everyday, we are working hard to keep expanding and making you, our customer, happy and satisfied with our services. We have a few other Aces up our sleeve, but will announce those in due time!

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