Standard 2-3 days Delivery (Mon-Fri) usually before 4pm.£8.68
Next Business Day Delivery before 12pm
Next Business Day Delivery before 10am
Next Business Day Delivery before 9am
Pallet Delivery – Next Day QTR Pallet.From £35.00*
Pallet Delivery – Next Day Half Pallet.From £37.00*
Pallet Delivery – Next Day Full Pallet.From £40.00*
Pallet Delivery – Economy QTR Pallet.From £35.00*
Pallet Delivery – Economy Half Pallet.From £36.00*
Pallet Delivery – Economy Full Pallet.From £37.00*
*Pallet prices vary depending on postcode and/or time specified.
All delivery prices and options are different for all real wood flooring.

Delivery Information

When placing an order with FOX68 before 11am using Next Business Day Delivery before 4pm/before 12pm/before 10am/before 9am, your order should reach you during the next business day (Mon-Fri). If however, you order after 11am you will receive your order within 2 days. Currently we do not deliver during the weekends, this means any orders made on a Friday would automatically be delivered on Monday.

For orders to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands next day delivery options are available but prices may vary and delivery can take several days. Therefore, please check you delivery order confimration to check the delivery date. We are still working on making our delivery service the best it can be.

Pallet delivery

FOX68 also offers a next day or economy pallet delivery to England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland – prices vary depending on postcode.

To get a quote for a pallet delivery please firstly click on ‘Get Quote‘ and secondly, complete the form to get a quote form us for your individual order or contact us on

Our Delivery Partners

We want to ensure that your order is delivered quickly and safely so we have given careful consideration to the carriers we use to fulfil them. Our chosen partner is APC Overnight Delivery. Delivery details will be confirmed to you by email or by phone.

APC Overnight Delivery

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