C7/P Silicone Render 1.5MM White


• Fibre reinforced
• Excellent vapour permeability
• Resistance to dirt
• Full resistance to colour fade and weather conditions
• Full microbiological protection of coating against the growth of algae
and fungi
• Available in white and in colours consistent with the KLEIB range of colours
KLEIB C7 is an element of the external thermal insulation composite system with rendering (ETICS) marketed under the trade name KLEIB as well as an element of the set of products used in the KLEIB W external wall thermal insulation system for buildings.

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Intended for protective and decorative rendering coats in the KLEIB and KLEIB W external thermal insulation system with rendering coats. It can be used on any mineral and acrylic substrate which is adequately even and sound.


The working surface should be structurally sound, dry and even – without any damage or surface roughness, as such defects may be visible after applying the plaster. Very absorbent and flaking working surfaces should be primed with KLEIB G2 once or twice to obtain the right absorbency and structural soundness. Immediately prior to application surfaces should be primed using KLEIB C3 (in KLEIB W system) and KLEIB C3SIL (in KLEIB system) and when this has dried (no later than 72 hours) the plaster may be applied. KLEIB C7 can be applied on cement and cement-lime plasters after min. 14 days from their execution, while on concrete surfaces after min. 90 days from their execution. Note: It is recommended to render a given area using mortar that came from the same production series (date), under the same conditions and in the same fashion.


The plaster is supplied ready to use. The contents of each package should be mixed using a low speed electric drill until a smooth uniform consistency is obtained.


Apply the plaster with a stainless steel plasterer’s float to a thickness of a grain of aggregate. The plaster should be trowelled smooth using a PVC float, the entire surface at the same time after the application, and always in the same fashion. It is recommended to carry out work on a given surface in one technological cycle (without any interruption). It must be performed within 72 hours of priming the surface. During application and drying of the plaster, protect the applied plaster from direct sunlight, rain and strong wind. KLEIB C7 plaster can be applied by means of airless spray. Tools should be washed with water immediately after use.

  • Up to 2.5 kg/m2 for the maximum grain size of 1.0 mm.
    Up to 2.7 kg/m2 for the maximum grain size of 1.5 mm.
    Up to 3.4 kg/m2 for the maximum grain size of 2.0 mm.

KLEIB C7 should be stored in tightly closed tubs in dry conditions and plus temperatures, for up to 12 months from the production date on the packaging.


C7 consumption

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 23 cm



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