Paint Roller ‘Spinner’ Sleeve 9.64″ (245mm)


Blue Dolphin 330 SPINNER is a paint roller made of an innovative material, covered with polyester, which absorbs and reflects paint better, and at the same time does not leave any hairs. Its advantage is also the uncomplicated mounting. Even after repeated use, it retains its initial fluffiness. Due to the use of bevels at the ends of the roller, the build-up of paint on the edges is eliminated. The Blue Dolphin 330 SPINNER is an extremely durable, ball-bearing and nylon cylinder with a latch on the shaft, which is permanently mounted on a durable, chrome profile equipped with an ergonomic handle. It is intended for painting with all types of paints on larger, smooth surfaces. This roller paints resulting in an exceptionally smooth surface.

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An excellent choice for larger areas
Dedicated to semi-smooth, slightly rough surfaces
Leaves no hair – bevelled sides
All types of paint
Bristles: 13mm
Roller length: 25cm

High-tech innovative sheathing
Greater absorption and better paint rendering
Leaves no bristles
It does not have a complicated internal mounting system
Strong polypropylene tube resistant to solvents
Retains its original fluffiness when used many times
The bevels on the sides of the roller eliminate paint build-up on the edge

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Blue Dolphin


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