Tight Cement Grout 018 PASTEL BEIGE 2KG


Joint designed for cladding tiles in wet, damp and dry places, inside and outside buildings. It allows for grouting cladding exposed to deformation (e.g. on underfloor heating).

Main properties

• for all formats of ceramic, stone and glass tiles

• resistant to discoloration and efflorescence, resistant to the growth of bacteria and fungi

• smooth, highly flexible, resistant to dirt and damage

• especially recommended for difficult surfaces: eg terraces, balconies and underfloor heating

• for use in residential, commercial and public buildings

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Product features:

– for all formats and many types of tiles

– elastic

– durable and effective color

– perfect for mosaics and glass blocks

– easy to clean

– resistant to the development of bacteria and fungi

– many color compositions

– joint width: 1 – 7 mm

● joint width: 1 – 7 mm

● sample consumption: 0.35 kg / m2 / 4 mm for 30 x 30 cm tiles

Weight 2 kg





Pastel Beige


Tight Cement Grout


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