VENECJA Modular Roof Graphite X-MATT


Modular roofs – Venecja. First in the family.

Everything started with her. This is the result of us working on the best modular roof in Poland and Europe.

One sheet Venecja is 1m2

Please note that as this is ordered directly from Poland for each customer, returns will not be accepted and the delivery will be around 3 weeks.

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Venecja Modular Roof

Venecja Modulal Roof has factory pre-prepared holes and mounting cups

This is our patent for the roof. Venecja is a pioneer of easy assembly

Modular Roof

Extrusion along the embossments

Thanks to them, the transverse links on the roof are invisible and the sheet is additionally stiffened. We combine aesthetics with endurance

Modular Roofs

Fold up the lower edge of the sheet

This solution provides better drainage of the roof surface and thus prevents it from overrunning. In addition, transverse links on the roof are hidden

Modular Roofs

GreenCoat Crown BT

A coating manufactured by the Swedish global steelworks – SSAB. Now even more ecological. Thanks to the unique global patent, a significant part of traditional oil-based components were replaced with Swedish rapeseed oil. The increased coating efficiency makes the assortment of the highest quality products from GreenCoat® steel the most environmentally-friendly offer of organically coated steel for construction. As the only ones in Europe, we have a written guarantee of colour repeatability from SSAB. The coating is a part of the anti-corrosion coating category compliant with EN 10169. It guarantees a very long product life, strengthens mechanical scratch and UV radiation resistance. The high corrosion resistance of the X-Matt coating has been tested by exposure in aggressive marine and industrial environments. Zinc coating is min. 275 g / m². Durability and beauty is X-Matt.

5o years warranty

Multiple Awards Winner

Awarded Gold Medal MTP BUDMA 2014, Gold Medal MTP BUDMA 2017, Polish Roofing Association Recommendation and Golden Helmet Emblem INTERBUD – just some of the rewards that Venecja has received


Environmentally friendly quality

We only use the best materials. Our suppliers are ArcelorMittal – the largest steel producer in the world and SSAB – the global Swedish steelworks. Steel is fully recyclable and can be processed indefinitely. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly materials

Environmentally friendly


Quick Installation Manual for Modular Roof Tile Sheets – Venecja

Declaration of Performance



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