Roto R3 PVC R/O


Designo R3 – Side-hung roof access window

The Designo R3 side-hung roof access window is essential wherever craftsmen need an easy exit to the roof – without compromising comfort. The sash of the window opens to the side (left or right-handed opening). The escape roof window can be successfully used in living areas as it is equipped with heat insulating glazing protecting the room from overheating in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Usage: 20° to 65° roof slope

Handle: At bottom of sash

Opening: Manual

Energy Efficiency:

  • Uw = 1,3 (double glazing), 1,1 (triple glazing)
  • +  thermal insulation (WD block) with better energy balance of the roof window

Easy Installation:

  • pre-installed assembly brackets and the roof window covering
  • +  pre-installed thermal insulation (WD block) with the vapour barrier film

Roto Pitched Roof Window Right Side Opening  Natural Timber

The window opens at a 90° angle – comfortable roof access for roofers and chimney sweeps during conservation works.
Easy operation
One-handled operation. Left or right handed opening.
Energy efficiency
It can be used in residential rooms thanks to the same insulation properties as in standard roof windows.
Additional protection
It has been developed with an anti-slam function which protects the window against being slammed shut accidentally caused e.g. by a draught.
Energy balance
The pre-installed thermal insulation WD block is an option that gives even 15% better energy balance of the roof window.
Accessories in use
Interior roller blinds can be used.

Additional Materials

ROTO_Product card – R3

Full Part Spec.

Instruction Manual



054W x 098H, 065W x 118H, 074W x 098H


Double, Triple


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